Postcard Printing
Postcards are rarely used for advertising. Nonetheless, they are actually one of the most powerful promotional and advertising tools at your business’s disposal. According to the website Business Know How, postcards “can ‘brand’ you and your business in a way that most marketing materials cannot”.

What’s more, “postcard marketing is affordable, even for the smallest of businesses”. However, the most useful aspect of postcards is their versatility. They can be deployed in a huge variety of ways, which means that a postcard-based advertising campaign can reach a surprisingly broad spectrum of potential customers. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the ways you can deploy postcards to promote your business.

1. Direct mail advertising

Postcards can be used as a very effective form of direct mail advertising. Though they aren’t as information-rich, they are much simpler and more direct than letters, leaflets or brochures, meaning that they are much more likely to be read by a large number of recipients. You don’t even need to put your postcards in envelopes, meaning that prospective customers can see your advert the moment it comes through the door. There’s no way they can throw it away before opening it because postcards don’t need to be opened. This increased visibility improves the chance that customers will respond to your direct mail. Furthermore, postcards are cheaper to send than other forms of direct mail advertising, meaning you can reach more recipients.

2. In-store promotions

If your business has a physical store or outlet, the main goal of your advertising campaign is probably to get people to visit it. However, once you’ve got your customers through the door, you should also encourage them to come back. Why not try distributing postcards in store? They can be used to promote upcoming sales and products. If they’re well-designed and artistic, customers are likely to hold onto them. As a result, they’ll be reminded to return to your store.

3. Localised marketing

Simply handing out postcards to people in the area around your business can be a very effective form of advertising. Postcards are easier for recipients to read while walking along than other forms of advertising they might receive on the street, making them the ideal format.
For more great hints and tips on using postcards as a promotional business tool, see the excellent article written by Martha Retallick at Business Know How.
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