Any start-up, SME or large corporate business in the modern world needs to pay attention to marketing. One of the best areas to focus on within this is building up a strong, recognisable brand with consumers. This will help them to not only feel comfortable spending money with you but also think of you first when needing services in your industry. An outstanding logo is essential for building up a strong brand so thinking carefully about the one you design is key.

But what are the most common logo mistakes you should avoid? Check out this article on Business 2 Community for more.

Coming up with a design that is offensive

This may sound a strange tip to pass on – after all, would any business really design a logo that offends consumers on purpose? The answer is a resounding ‘No’ as this would drive people away from spending money with them and be a PR disaster. However, it can sometimes be all to easy to design a logo which you do not realise will offend some consumers. Be very careful about any wording you use, any tag lines and any images/shapes your logo contains so you do not upset people by mistake.

Making a logo that is confusing

While you want your logo to stand out and be memorable, it should be for the right reasons. People should be able to look at your logo and understand what your business is about quickly. If the logo you design is too complex or obscure, then people will not be able to relate it to the service you offer. This is not great in terms of branding and can stop consumers from connecting with you. Remember your logo but be easily added to all your marketing materials such as your brochure printing.

Getting too close to an existing design

There is nothing wrong with having a look at other businesses in your sector whose logo’s you like for inspiration. It is, however, a big mistake to copy another logo very closely. This could not only land you in potential legal trouble with a competitor but also prevent you from establishing your own brand in consumers minds.

Bespoke logo and graphic design services from

While the above tips for logo design are worth taking on board, coming up with your own logo can be tricky if you are not a graphic designer. Here at, our industry-standard design templates and expert team can give all the help you need to come up with an effective company logo. It really is worth getting expert help with this, so you get the best results. Get in touch today by filling in the contact form on our website.