Christmas is coming, and for many businesses across the United Kingdom this means the busiest time of the year. However, with today’s marketplace more crowded than ever before, how can you make sure that your business is busy this Christmas? This is where printed brochures come in, which could really help your business during the festive season.
Here are three ways that brochure printing can help your business this Christmas, starting with marketing and making your brand stand out.
1. Make you stand out
In today’s marketplace, lots of businesses make digital marketing their only strategy, but this is a mistake. As there are so many companies online offering similar products and services for similar prices, how will you ever make yours stand out amongst the crowd? This is where printed brochures come in. By delivering printed brochures to your prospective customers, you’re making an impact that you simply couldn’t do online. This is where cross-media and print media marketing comes into it’s own, because instead of trying to shout over all the other businesses on the internet, you’re speaking directly to your customers and clients, in a way that those others businesses cannot. Offering that personal touch.
2. Tie in with your digital marketing campaigns
However, it is also a good idea to tie in your printed brochures with your digital marketing campaigns, so that you can ensure consistency across your different marketing strategies and keep brand uniformity in check. You can do this in a number of ways, most simply by including links to your online presences, like your website, social media pages, and blog, in the brochure; you could even do this using a QR code. In addition, you should use the same branding across all marketing campaigns, which will also help your customers link your printed and online presences.
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3. Reach new customers
Not everybody has the internet, or knows how to use it to find the products and services they want.Also a lot of people still don’t buy items over the internet, they use it more of a research tool. So, by sending out brochures full of your products and services, you’re likely to reach new customers, who may not have heard of your brand and don’t know where to find you online. This kind of reach is key to being successful, and could help make your Christmas period the busiest yet.
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