Whether you are showing off art, new products, or new service, an exhibition or trade show can be a wonderful way to do so. Unfortunately, they can be notoriously difficult to organize for exhibitors. It can take a lot of work and money to get started, and they require a lot of commitment.

However, there are also several benefits of attending these exhibitions for companies. These range from improving brand awareness, to getting a chance to meet your customers in person. If you are attending an exhibition, it is good to get organised and plan ahead to give yourself the best chance of having a successful experience.

With that in mind, this blog post is going to touch on a few important pieces of advice for organizing a successful exhibition.

Put a Lot of Time Into Design

A big part of successful experience at an exhibition is about standing out above the competition. These events are littered with different stands, and you need to be sure that your target market chooses yours. A big part of this simply comes down to the look and design of your booth. If you simply show up with a booth or stand that has a lacklustre design, it will be hard to stand out.

As a result, be sure to take time to think about how you want your exhibit to look. It should be on-brand, clean, attractive and eye-catching. While you could design it yourself, you could also consider working with a quality third-party provider like American Image to help.

Set Measurable Goals and Find How to Reach Them

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Another key factor when it comes to organizing a successful exhibit is to set goals. Maybe your goal is to sell some of your new product, or maybe the exhibition is all about getting new leads. There is no right or wrong goal, and it will depend on the needs and desires of your company.

However, you want to be sure that these goals are both specific and measurable in nature. These types of goals set you up for success as they are not vague, and more thought goes into them than a standard goal. They can help you better focus your effort, and know the best ways to manage your time ahead of the event.

So instead of having the goal of “We want to grow our company”, think “We hope to add 40-50 new clients at this exhibition”. Once your goals are set, devise a plan of what you need to do to reach them and make them a reality. 

Advertise Your Appearance

Once you have been confirmed for an exhibition, it is time to get the word out. You need to make social media posts about it, write about it on your website, send some emails out and generally get the word out any way that you can. The more people that know, generally the more people that will show up.

Be sure to join the conversation about the event, and potentially post little teasers ahead of time to drum up some buzz about the event. While you don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver, be sure to find ways to get people excited.

Also, consider getting more creative with your approach as well. You could work directly with influencers in your space, send out geographically-targeted ads or even hold a contest. Anything that can get news of your exhibit in front of the most interested eyes as possible is generally a good thing.

Listen To Your Customers

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Next up, you need to be sure to listen to your customers. While not every idea they have will be perfect, much of what they suggest can have some merit. Ask them some questions on social media or on your site, and leave them open ended. People want to be heard, so by you engaging with them, you are showing them you care and value their opinions.

Your questions could focus on what they are expecting from your booth, what they would like to see, how it should be designed and a range of other things. While implementing everything they say is unrealistic, you should try and do what you can. The attendees will appreciate you listening to them and this can help build their loyalty to your brand or company.

In conclusion, we hope the advice and tips within this article are able to help you organise a successful exhibition. For exhibition display stands contact PrintUK.com