Flyers have been a fast, cheap and effective way to market your business for decades. Whether you’re posting out your flyers, giving them to customers after a purchase or displaying them in the local area, they can be a great way to reach new customers and generate leads. We take a look at some simple and effective flyer printing tips for small businesses so you can make the most of your print marketing.

Use a high-quality online template

If you are looking for professional flyer printing, at we have a huge selection of eye-catching design templates you can customise to suit your business. Easily sorted into industry, type of flyer and colour, we have flyer templates for gyms, restaurants, cleaners, beauticians and more.

Stick to one message

Flyers are meant to be read quickly so try and communicate one message, like a seasonal campaign or special offer. Use images, colours or a photo grid to highlight the benefits of your product visually.

Buy more and save on flyer printing

If you want to grow your small business but you’ve got limited funds for marketing, there are plenty of smart ways you can use print marketing to increase your brand exposure. Most businesses find that flyer printing is affordable and the more you buy, the cheaper the cost per unit. Make sure your flyer doesn’t have any time restrictions if you are buying in bulk so you can use them for longer.

Distribute them efficiently

Make sure you use your flyers to communicate with the right customers, you don’t want lots to end up in the recycling because the product isn’t relevant to the reader. Think about where your target customers are and how to reach them most effectively. This could be leaving some in a local cafe, at an event your customers might attend or collaborating with another small business to share each other’s flyers.

Order your flyers

Find the perfect flyers for your business at, with hundreds of professional graphic design templates, cheap printing costs and high-quality finishes. Browse our great collection of online leaflet templates and order yours today.