As a modern business owner, you almost certainly use online advertising and marketing to promote your business. If you run a mid-sized enterprise and have sufficient funds, you may also advertise on the radio and television. However, if you don’t also use printed adverts and marketing materials, you may not be making the most of your marketing budget. Of course, every business is different and printed advertising and marketing isn’t right for every single enterprise. However, if you haven’t tried this type of marketing yet, you should seriously consider it. In fact, there are several easy-to-spot signs that you need to divert some of your budget into printed advertising. If you notice any of them in your business and you’re not currently using printed marketing materials, you should start immediately.
1. Limited local interest
Online, radio and television marketing can generate a lot of leads. Unfortunately, these types of marketing are hard to target geographically, meaning that you could be recruiting prospective customers from across the country but missing out on interest from local consumers. It’s good to cultivate customers who can easily pop into your physical premises: these individuals are likely to remain loyal to your business and support it in the long term. Cheap poster printing, leaflets, flyers and other printed marketing materials can easily be distributed in your geographic neighbourhood, thereby increasing awareness of your business among local consumers. If you lack local customers at present, it’s time to invest in printed marketing to recruit some.
2. Minimal online impact
There are thousands of businesses in most market sectors, and almost all of them have websites. Standing out online can be almost impossible, particularly for newer businesses. If your website isn’t getting many page views, it might be time to try a different strategy. According to the website in the article: Why Print Advertising Is Still An Essential Marketing Tool, “consumers are more engaged when reading printed material” than they are when reading online material. This means that printed adverts can be used to grab consumers’ attention in a way that online ads can’t. What’s more, you don’t just have to tell people about your business’s products and services through print – you can also use it to direct users to your website. In other words, you can boost your online presence while boosting awareness of your business itself. When you use printed materials, you also help the other pillars of your marketing strategy. If you’re not getting much attention online, try using print to grab it in the real world instead.
3. Brand identity crisis
Have you recently surveyed your customers to find out what they think of your brand? If not, you should. Brand surveys can tell you a lot about the way consumers perceive you and this information can be used to shape your marketing strategy. If customers are uncertain about your business (for example, if they aren’t sure what values it represents), you need to do something to increase their awareness and understanding of your brand. Printed materials can help: they bring your brand into the real world and make it more palpable. If you need to improve your brand awareness, you need to start using printed advertising and marketing.
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