In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to start your own business. But while websites, emails and online advertising are powerful, there are a number of print products you need too. These products are every bit as important as they always have been. Here are five examples.

Business cards

You never know when you might meet a potential client or customer. Seminars, trade shows and conferences are just three possibilities. Discussing your business may be enough, but there is no guarantee they will remember your details. A business card is a small, practical way to get your information out, and easy for the prospective customer to keep hold of. Business card printing is a marketing and business essential.


Flyers are often a more direct way to get noticed than online ads. Flyers can be posted through letterboxes or given out in person, causing people to physically hold the information and read through it undistracted. Flyers can be designed to capture peoples’ attention, offer concise information, special offers and calls to action.


For more detailed information, brochures are a great asset to a business. Here you can include pictures of your product or services, full specs and descriptions and prices. They also look professional and can create credibility and build trust in your business.


Whether you’re advertising a special offer, or simply want to make a statement, banners are timelessly effective. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can be sure to get noticed. Use bright colours, clear writing, vibrant imagery and company logos for maximum impact.


If you are going to be sending out letters or invoices, invest in some company-branded letterheads. It keeps everything you send out uniform, and provides a professional finish. Not only that, but it keeps your company details on hand for the customer, as you can print your contact information at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking to market your startup, and need high-quality printing, contact today . Not only do we offer a quality finish and design online tools, but we also have a vast array of print products available, so you can get everything you need in one place, at a great price.