It’s no secret that the world of business is competitive. And as the seasonal holidays roll around, there is even more of a crowd all jostling to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Stand out with these 4 fantastic tips that will help you get your seasonal marketing noticed.

1. Hearty headlines

In print marketing, your headline is key to making a strong first impression. Spend some time deciding on the words or phrase that will grab the attention of potential customers. Be sure to keep it relevant to your business and what’s on offer. Use bold, easy to read fonts, and colours that don’t fade into the background. At this time of year, people will take note of hearty headlines that suit the spirit of the season. Brochure printing is a great way of getting information over to your customers.

2. Festive photos

We all know the power of images, and during the festive season this is as important as ever. Images that reflect Christmas can stir emotions in people, be it excitement or nostalgia. They are a great way to make your advertising noticeable while remaining true to the theme of the holiday. If the image can also reflect your product or services in any way, this gives you a unique edge and could really boost sales. 

3. Christmas colours

Colour is vital on all print marketing, and Christmas has some quite distinctive colour palettes to choose from. Be it traditional red and green, frosty whites and silvers, or glittery golds. It is important to remember the colour scheme of your own branding as well, for recognisability. If your logos and online content don’t use Christmas colours, you can use your own palette, and add bursts of Christmas colours in more subtle ways, such as background patterns or images.

4. Seasonal sales

‘Tis the season for bargain hunting, be it pre-Christmas or the post-festive sales. Either way, people are looking to buy, so ensure you have enticing, exciting offers available. You will be sure to pull in attention with a clear and concise deal with a strong call to action.

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