Digital marketing has never been bigger. With social media platforms, websites and sponsored adverts, there are so many ways to market your business. But print marketing is still a vital way to get more customers and clients. Combining print and digital marketing can be hugely effective, here are three ways you can use print complement your online presence.

QR codes

QR codes are a great way to drive traffic, either to your website or social media accounts. Ensure your print marketing, be it posters, flyers or leaflets, have QR codes. They are quick and easy for prospects to use, simply holding up their phone and allowing the camera to capture the information. This saves them having to type in your web address, or remembering to search you later on in the day. QR codes take away these barriers, making it easier for everybody.

Use print to boost online sales

If you are advertising products or services online, advertise them in print too. Be sure to use similar colours, images and logos, to create brand recognition that is consistent throughout your marketing. Print marketing can be delivered to homes or handed out to people in person for example using leaflet printing, making it a great way to get your information acknowledged. Driving them to your online sales has never been easier.

Track calls to action

You can use both of the tips above to create calls to action on your print marketing. And best of all, you can track your marketing to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Use different QR cards for different marketing pieces as well as links to dedicated landing pages. This allows you to trace where customers come from, so you know where to prioritise your marketing efforts, and accurately calculate your return on investment.

If you are looking for high quality printing for your marketing, contact today. We offer a huge range of print options, from posters and banners, flyers and leaflets. Not only that, but you can design online, giving your marketing a professional, quality finish that will gain results. Our team are on hand and happy to help.