Here at, we offer a wide range of products that can be used in direct mail marketing campaigns, such as custom letterheads, leaflets and even full colour brochures. We believe that direct mail is a vital tool for established SMEs. If you run a small-to-medium sized business with an established presence in the marketplace, you need to think about utilising direct mail marketing.
Direct mail can help your business thrive in three key ways.
1. Preventing stagnation
Established businesses can sometimes stagnate: they rely too much on their existing customers and don’t recruit enough new ones. This can prove disastrous in the long-run. Direct mail campaigns are a cost-effective and highly-efficient way to attract new customers. As the website Ez marketing points out, one major advantage of direct mail is that it is highly targeted. “Direct mail allows you to focus on the people who want to hear from you.” By creating a mailing list that only contains members of your target demographic, you can ensure that your direct mail only reaches individuals who are likely to respond to it, thereby maximising your conversion rate.
Unlike other forms of advertising, direct mail printing allows you to reliably convert a large percentage of the people who see your marketing materials into customers. As a result, it allows you to prevent your business stagnating by creating an influx of new clients.
2. Maintaining customer relations
Maintaining good relations with your existing customers is just as important as attracting new ones. That’s why it’s crucial that you send out printed direct mail to your existing customers on a regular basis. Sending someone a personalised professionally printed letterhead (or another type of physical missive) shows that you value them and their support.
Unlike emails and other methods of contacting customers, printed letterheads have a tactile, personal quality and suggest that the sender really cares about the recipient. Use direct mail to show your customers that you care and give them a reason to keep using your business.
3. Keeping your customer-base in the loop
Every business adds new products or services to its range over time, or changes the way it operates. It’s important for customers to be appraised of the way your business grows and changes because it directly affects them. Direct mail printing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep customers up-to-date.
Interested in learning more about direct mail printing? Check out this great article by Ez marketing: The Many Unique Benefits of Direct Mail
Direct mail is essential for many businesses. We at offer cheap commercial printing on several products that you can use in your direct mail campaign, like leaflets and letterhead design and printing. If you want to send out a full colour brochure, check out our range of customisable brochures online. If you’re stuck and would like a helping hand with your direct mail campaign please don’t hesitate to get in touch.