Nowadays, it’s fairly normal for consumers to order products and services online. But what can you do if you need to get customers into your physical premises instead of onto your website? There are certain forms of marketing and salesmanship that can only take place in physical spaces, so it’s sometimes necessary to draw prospective customers into your physical store or premises. Here at, we believe that printed marketing materials (such as leaflets, flyers and poster printing) can help you do this. In today’s blog, we’ll teach you how to use printed advertising to bring prospective customers into your store or premises.
1. Deploy posters and flyers that can guide customers to your store
Consumers are more likely to visit a store or business premises if they happen to be nearby. It’s therefore advisable to put up printed posters and hand out flyers in the area surrounding your store. If customers can see that your premises is close by, they may choose to visit on an impulse. You should make sure your flyers and posters include a map or directions that show customers how to reach your store so that they know how easy it is to get there. Note that it’s very important that you use posters as well as flyers. According to (link below), consumers tend to “trust poster adverts because they appear in public places and are more accessible.” Customers are more likely to visit your store if they feel they can trust your business, so make sure you deploy plenty of credible-looking posters.
2. Give customers a reason to visit your store
Printed adverts in the form of poster printing is very effective at getting consumers’ attention. However, once you have their attention, you need to give them a good reason to visit your store or premises. For example, you could advertise products or special offers that are only available in-store and can’t be found online. Flyers can even function as vouchers that give customers discounts – this is a great way to reward customers who visit your business as soon as they receive a printed advert for it.
3. Use direct mail to bring your existing customers to your store
If a customer has been to your store or used your website before, you may wish to send them a letter or leaflet through the post. This form of direct mail can be used to remind customers about the offers, products and events at your store. This enables you to bring in customers who might not be local to your business but who you know are interested in it.
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