Marketing brochures are an imperative form of printed marketing collateral for all sizes of companies. Smaller businesses should be aware this tool is incredibly important and very useful for their business. High quality brochure printing can be a very cost effective and versatile form of promotion and marketing. Brochures send a subtle message to your customers, shareholders, and potential new clients that your business is professional, trustworthy and committed to quality.
Trust, as we have discussed in previous blog posts is essential for ensuring the success of your business. Brochures help to build trust. Once a customer picks up your brochure, whether it’s in the mail, the reception desk of your office or at a trade show you can let your customers know you are a serious company with reliable businesses practices.
A brochure naturally gives a lot more space than a smaller leaflet or flyer, giving you the opportunity to give descriptions about the products and services you offer in far more depth. Popular sizes for brochure printing are usually A4 or A5. This gives the reader a larger reading area, naturally conveying more information; this can only be good news, right? By using a high quality paper stock for the cover and back of your brochure you can generate a far more expensive and professional feel at little additional cost. You can generate more immediate results by including a promotional coupon or discount flyer.
High quality brochure printing can be done at a relatively low costs compared to other forms of marketing. When looking at their value, especially for smaller businesses you can expect to see a high ROI. Depending on the number of pages, the design and finish quality you can create a great price of promotional literature for less than you may think. Companies who attend a lot of exhibitions and trade shows should invest in printed brochures as when printed in larger quantities you reduce the cost than if you were only to print a couple.
A high quality printed brochure can be very effective in all aspects of your business. Used in conjunction with printed inserts and leaflet printing you can generate a lot of impact. A printed business brochure is a must! For high quality printed marketing material, including brochures take a look at our popular products page at