If the term multi-channel marketing makes you feel out of your depth, check out our blog from earlier this year for an introduction; you will quickly realise that integrating multi-channel marketing into your business is simpler than you may think – and you may even be doing it already.

For businesses relying on local customers – from shops to small accounting firms – multi-channel marketing simply means finding all the ways your business can interact meaningfully with existing and potential customers. Let’s take a start-up coffee roaster as an example. 

Our roaster is focused on becoming the leading coffee supplier in their local area, to cafes and households. Immediately, marketing channels are narrowed down to those available in that area.

Channels ubiquitous with digital advertising – Google, Facebook, Instagram – all allow businesses to easily target audiences in specific geographical areas, so local customers can be quickly reached online. But what about off-screen marketing opportunities? 

Since our roaster knows where their customers are, it can immediately find value in flyer and leaflet printing. Leaflet printing and flyers delivered to local households and businesses take the message customers are seeing online and put it in their hands something that cannot be underestimated.

Many cities and towns offer affordable leaflet distribution services, while PrintUK’s online design templates ensure businesses can produce high-quality print assets for our customers with minimal graphic design needs – and the ability to quickly design online.

Now our roaster is reaching customers online, in their homes and at their places of business – all with consistent messages and calls to action. This strategy has already created several touch points a day for some customers. Could more be done?

Local councils across the country provide affordable advertising on bins, bus stops, car parks, community notice boards – essentially everywhere people meet. A business can take their messages to these opportunities through cheap poster printing with PrintUK.com.

In summary, multi-channel marketing isn’t only a strategy that can take small businesses to the next level – it’s a strategy that can be cost-effectively launched in days.