It’s tempting, in a time when nearly everyone seems to be on Facebook, to pour resources into social media advertising. While it has its place, relying too heavily on targeted ads is a mistake. Traditional forms of marketing, especially leaflet and flyer printing, are still of immense use in promoting events, causes or businesses.
The first advantage is that printed flyers and leaflets give you a lot more space to work with. Their much higher display resolution, and Facebook’s rules about text use, make ad images online incredibly restrictive in some cases. If your event takes some explaining, or you have a plan to imbue your graphic design with some typography, leaflet and flyer printing is much better suited. People prefer to read paper over a screen, too. There are plenty of graphic design tips for flyers already available online but if you would like a bit of advice check out one of our previous articles: 5 Top Tips For Designing An Effective Flyer

It’s easy to scroll past a Facebook or Twitter ad in half a second, if that. If you want to make a lasting impression, a leaflet through the door or a handout printed flyer stick with the reader much better, and even if thrown away take up more of their time. It’s also possible to target much more effectively, provided you have the distributors. Online targeting is effective, but local knowledge of the area you’re flyering in can be far better placed and even matched to a list of existing customers or supporters.
Seeing an online ad promoting an event is always an eyebrow-raising moment. If you’ve seen no physical promotion, it’s easy to be sceptical at how likely an event is to happen, or how good it will be. A physical advertisement gives a great impression, and demonstrates that real effort has gone into your campaign. This can be achieved through flyer design and gives the appearance of a campaign being rooted locally, and having support and customers that the recipient of the beautifully designed flyer may know or be friends with.
Leaflet and flyer printing is a great way to make an impact and boost your marketing. offer a number of great and affordable solutions to meet your needs – check out our online offering, and order now. Or if you would like to discuss your next marketing and print project please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team will discuss your needs and come up with bespoke print products to help elevate your campaign.