Many people assume that all entrepreneurs are outgoing, extroverted individuals. After all, don’t you need to be in order to start and run your own company? While this is true for some, there are many small business owners who are not overly confident with strangers or at public events. One common example of this is the terror many small business owners feel when heading to a real-world networking event. However, for many, it is something they need to do in order to build their brand and attract new business.

If you find the mere thought of this making you shudder, though, don’t worry – we have some great tips to help make it much easier next time around.

Use business cards

For many shy entrepreneurs, it is the thought of mingling and introducing yourself to total strangers that is most worrying. A great way to banish these nerves is by ordering up a batch of quality business cards to take along. Once there, you can simply give people your business card to explain what you do and go from there. Taking along some high quality printed leaflets may also be a good idea if people ask for some more in depth information about the products and services you are offering.

Smile and relax

This may sound overly simplistic but it will really work. Networking events can actually be great fun and you will enjoy them much more if you treat them as such. When you are about to walk into the room, take a breath and relax – remember, everyone else is probably feeling the same as you are! When mingling with other business owners or potential clients, remember to smile too. Standing there looking miserable will not create a good impression or make people want to talk to you. 

Have an idea of what to say

Business cards are great for breaking the ice and giving a quick intro to what you do. However, once people have read them, they are bound to ask for more details. While you do not want a long speech rehearsed to bore everyone with, you should have key information in your head to get across. This will stop you from getting tongue-tied and stumbling over your words as you try to think of what to say. 

Let help you network like a pro

As you can see, effective networking can be enjoyed by even the most reserved entrepreneur. If you need the best quality business cards around online, check out our website or get in touch today. We also offer other forms of high-quality printing from leaflet printing to posters – give us a call today to see how we can help.