If you have just started up your own business, you will know how essential marketing is to its success. Being able to tell people what you do, who you are and why they should spend money with you will define whether your company stays around for the long haul. Of course, everyone knows that the most popular marketing channels these days are digital from social media to organic SEO content and paid advertising campaigns.

While these are undoubtedly worth including in your marketing plan, it is also worth thinking outside of the box and going back to basics to get your business noticed. But what are some ways to do this?

Sports team sponsorship or advertisement

One interesting marketing tip is sports sponsorship for business. A popular example of this is shirt sponsorship for a local team where your logo features prominently on shirts the players wear. Another great idea is to pay for advertising space in a local team’s ground as this will market your company to anyone who is there. Both these methods do not have to cost huge amounts and can really help get your name known to more people in the local area.

Get involved with charity

Naturally, the best reason to get involved with any charity is to help them out and the people who rely on them for support. This can also be a valid marketing strategy though and an ethical way to reach more people. For startups, methods like this can really help you make an impact in your sector. Whether it is a national or local charity that you care about, putting on an event to raise money for them or donating staff time can help raise your profile.

Use print marketing

Although print marketing has been used successfully for many years, the dominance of digital marketing currently makes it feel fresher than ever. Designing and ordering high-quality printing online is a great way to go about this as it is easy and good value for money. Whether you order flyers, brochures or leaflets to distribute, print marketing can really help you to connect with your customers in a more personal way and help you stand out from the crowd. Remember high quality brochure printing is a fantastic way to engage with your customers.

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