Many businesses send out cards at Christmas, and only Christmas, but there’s something to be said for sending personalised greeting cards for other major celebrations, or even out of the blue.
That’s because we all get desensitised to cards at Christmas. They pile through the door each and every day and they can come from a distant aunt or our cable television company, so we simply stop paying attention. It can still work to send a Christmas card, but you can also think outside of the box and send your clients a Valentine’s Day card to tell them how special they are.
This will stand out. It is cheeky and it might seem a little over familiar, so you have to get it right. But if you send a card at Valentine’s Day you can be sure that your card won’t be lost in a big pile and your client, or potential client, will remember you for it. Standing out from the crowd and putting a smile on their face is half the battle when it comes to marketing. Achieve this and they’ll help you win their business.
So be brave occasionally, make a bold move and be prepared to be different. It probably will go down like a lead balloon with one or two prospects, but others will love it and you don’t need to appeal to everybody.
If the Valentine’s Day card is just too much, what about a greetings card at any time of the year? A card to welcome in the summer, to wish them a happy holiday when they’re heading out on annual leave, to mark an industry specific date or to lift the winter blues might make much more of a lasting impression than a Christmas card that goes on the pile with the rest.
Create a card that you are proud of and then invest in high quality greetings card printing. Don’t forget your branding, too. Send it at any time other than Christmas and you know it will get read and well received, so start planning ahead now.