In the age of LinkedIn networking and smartphones galore you might think that business cards have died a death, but they’re still one of the most effective ways out there of swapping details with a contact or potential client you’ve just met. You can avoid letting conversation grind to a halt as you spell out your email address, and get your contact details out to a large number of people quickly.
Pick a great business card design and you can also make a positive impression of yourself on your new client. Check out these wacky design ideas for inspiration!
Business card designBusiness Cards For a Gardening Company…
This funky design for a business card is actually a teeny tiny envelope full of seeds. It’s advertising a lawn design company so they’re grass seeds, but landscapers or gardeners could include wildflower seeds! This is a fantastic unique idea that would surely get the conversation going with any potential new client.
Business card printing Business Cards For a Seamstress…
These fun cards include buttons and thread as part of the design to promote a DIY store, but they’d be equally appropriate for a fabric store or someone doing dressmaking. Customers will love the freebie element, even though it’s not a high value addition but this intuitive extra to the business card printing will surely improve their sales and networking effectiveness due to how unique they are.
business card designBusiness Cards For a Photographer…
This clever transparent card (which is actually made of plastic) recreates a photographer’s viewfinder to promote, you guessed it, photography services. It’s a cute and memorable way to promote a studio or photography store too, and the sturdy design means it’s pretty durable.
die cut business cardsBusiness Cards For a Pub or Restaurant…
What better way to promote your pub or bar than with a beer mat business card. Need we say more?
foiled business cardsFor a small business.
Get across your luxury aesthetic with a gold or silver foiled business card. Adding that exclusive touch separates yourself from the competition and is so impactful that it leaves a lasting reminder in your potential clients minds.
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