If you want to attract new customers, you might be tempted to go down the digital route, but study after study has proven that a simple printed postcard might be the most effective form of communication when it comes to your ROI (Return On Investment.)
Every marketing department is trying to get more advanced and move with the times, but there are certain tried and trusted methods that just work. Studies by the US Postal Service and other marketers have shown that a postcard printing offers greater engagement than email marketing and a greater chance of response.
Resource: A Marketer’s How-To (and Why-To) Guide to using Direct Mail

Test it yourself
Of course, you have to do your own tests and your own maths. There is a cost attached to sending a postcard. It can be the best investment you ever make, though, as printed postcards provide a clear path to your customer and they’re almost guaranteed to get seen.
Email filters are getting more advanced and we’re so used to being bombarded by spam emails that we simply gloss over email offers and don’t even open the mail. That’s a touch-point wasted and if 20% open the mail at all, you’re doing well.
Content is king
Pick a dramatic image for your postcard, incorporate a powerful tag line and create a graphic design with real impact – you don’t need anything more than a well designed postcard to make a major impression on your potential client. Don’t pack too much on there, it’s a first contact, so just make sure they get the main point and treat it like a magazine advert in terms of the graphic design.
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Like with all lithographic and digital printing the unit cost comes down as the numbers go up and for some companies, it proves to be the most cost-effective form of direct sales there is. Even high-tech companies still rely on direct mail, too, including the likes of Google – they send personalised printed letters out to prospective clients, especially to sell their B2B services.
Get personal with your print
Printed postcards can still work on a local level; you can even take the personal approach and hand deliver them through people’s doors if cost is a bigger issue than time. Whatever you do, though, seriously consider the impact a postcard can have. They are absolutely not just for holidays, they’re one of the most powerful business advertising tools out there.