Leaflets are a vital marketing tool – they let people know what you do, where you are, and what you charge. However, if done in a bad or just dull way, their impact can do more harm than good. As a result, here are our five top tips to make sure the printed leaflets you create, deliver the results and return on investment that you were expecting:
1. Think laterally, and experiment with different kinds of folding and printing techniques.
While it’s easy to simply use a standard fold when designing your folded leaflet, more original varieties are more likely to get noticed. In fact, when it comes to folded leaflet printing there are a myriad of choices for you and your business, so why not use less common folds to help your brand stand out?
folded leaflet printing and design
2. Keep your content streamlined, elegant, and interesting.
There’s one thing boring leaflets with excessive information all have in common – they don’t get read. Even if you get a high quality printing provider to produce your leaflet, if the content itself attempts to cram in too much information your efforts will be for nothing. Decide on exactly what needs to be in the leaflet, and include nothing more; then make the images, headlines, and copy interesting and engaging.
Crucially, always proofread the entire leaflet prior to printing, and to be really safe, ask a friend outside of the business to do the same – typos can lead to your entire leaflet printing run having to be redone. Also, be sure that your prospects will understand exactly what you’re offering them and ensure that all pricing is correct and up to date.
3. Know your audience
Ask yourself who you’re talking to and what their interests are – this should underpin the entire design of the leaflet. In this regard, there are several factors that will empower you to get the tone and message right – such as age, ethnicity, and social status. To provide an example, premium products must be marketed at the wealthy with the correct tone, otherwise the leaflet won’t work.
4. Ensure great images and graphic design
Images are central to all marketing material, they are what catches the eye and piques the interest of the audience. Therefore, always ensure that the visual quality of your printing and graphic design is the very best; otherwise it can reflect badly on your business and brand.
5. The devil’s in the detail
From using the correct font to employing effective layouts, appropriate leaflet formatting is essential. Think about how most people read – from top to bottom and from left to right. Make sure your leaflet adheres to the human truths about reading, and your leaflet will be far more likely to be read and acted on. Also remember to have a call to action, you want your readers to engage with the leaflet/flyer and act upon the information it holds.
In order to influence your potential customers with your new marketing campaign and gain the maximum return on investment through your leaflet printing and design read one of our previous blog posts: How colour psychology can be used to successfully promote your brand.
So if you’re looking for high quality leaflet printing, please get in touch with PrintUK.com. Our experts will ensure your leaflets are beautifully crafted and effective.