Open the envelope and throw it in the immediately? That’s exactly what you might be thinking however this is not entirely true. It can be said that a bland, unidentifiable envelope will be quickly disposed of but a customised envelope is a different story. We are bombarded with mail daily, despite the rise of the internet and more specifically emails but we have trained ourselves to only really pay attention to anything which stands out from the mundane. When sending out direct mail as a marketing tool you are competing with a variety of other companies who also want to grab your customer’s attention.

There a number of advantages of customising your envelopes. By having your name, contact details and logo displayed you are making your business easily identifiable and as a result you are building brand awareness. Increasing your visibility you are also developing trust with the recipient of your mail. First impressions count so ensure any customisation represents your brand in a creative, yet professional manner.

Printed customised business envelopes which match your letterhead paper and other business stationery is a great way to reinforce your brand image. Using premium paper may slightly increase the overall cost of printed customised envelopes but it gives a professional impression and won’t be confused for junk mail which is usually sent in thin envelopes.

By using attention grabbing customised envelopes you will increase the open rates of your mail, build a new customer base and develop lasting B2B and B2C relationships.

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