Surprisingly, yes there is a strong relationship between your business’s branding and your office stationery. Unfortunately however a number of businesses overlook the importance of stationery, who even bothers to look? That is where you are mistaken. A lot of the time business stationery can look dull, boring and far from eye catching giving off the impression that the business it represents is too. Business stationery collateral denotes the identity of a business. What do we mean by business stationery: Letterheads, envelopes, pens, pencils, business cards, brochures, reports, folders … the list could go on. With this in mind here are some tips on how to achieve professional high quality branded business stationery that speaks volumes about your business and brand.
Corporate Logo:
In short, all your business stationery MUST bear your logo. There is absolutely no point spending time or money on stationary if no one can easily identify the company it is representing. Remember Logos are the foundation for a brand. Naturally people tend to remember a logo rather than words and therefore are far more likely to recognise and associate the image with your brand identity. For more on logo designs check out:
Quality and Design:
The overall design and the details of your branded stationery require thought. From the quality and feel of the paper to the colours and font type used. Try to include your company branding and avoid going off track from this, if you do this could impact your brand identity. Its important to include elements such as name, address and other contact details on your envelope printing, letterhead printing paper, compliment slips, quotation books to brochures and flyers. Ensure these elements are not too small or too large on your design, it must be proportional. Printed business stationery printed on superior quality materials will always speak very well for a company. Its important to remember all your stationery is representing your company and how you will conduct business.
Developing Brand Identity:
“Oh I recognise that logo!”. Developing a brand identity is incredibly important for your business to be successful. Customers and clients will expect your branding to be professionally designed and consistent across all your media platforms, as well as your business stationery. If inconsistent you will be struggling to build brand identity and a positive association with your business.
It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what size your business is but to be successful in our current economic climate its essential that you are networking. This doesn’t relying on LinkedIN to create new connections it means attending events and meeting new people. This will allow you to build connections with other people in your field. Developing new business relationships will lead to new opportunities and, in turn help strengthen your business. By handing out branded business stationery such as business cards, pens or brochures you are making your business far more memorable.
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