Brochures are one of the most simple but effective ways to market your business. By presenting your target customer with a lightweight, eye-catching collection of key information regarding your product, you give them a tactile point of reference for what you sell. Even in the days of sophisticated online marketing techniques, the physicality and straightforwardness of a good brochure remains powerful.
Here are four of the main benefits you can enjoy when marketing your company with brochure printing:
Convey a lot of information at low cost
Thanks to the cheap printing available at, you can create your very own high quality brochure, even if your budget is limited. The fact that you can squeeze so much information into this one marketing tool means you can cut down your advertising budget in other areas. This is great for the small startup looking to make a name for themselves while keeping their expenditure under control during that crucial first year.
It is exclusively your space
Even a large scale ad in a newspaper or magazine will be fighting for the reader’s attention with about a dozen other companies. The brochure is all yours – a relatively large, though portable, space for you to sell your product or service to your target buyer. You have 100% of their attention, without interruption.
Brochures are very versatile
Once you decide to create a brochure, the options are endless. From compelling newsletters to artistic tri-folds to catalogues, photo albums and more, there are a dazzling range of usages to which a brochure can be put. This versatility makes them suitable for just about any company.
Simplified interactivity
Modern marketing techniques, like those used in social media campaigns, prompt the potential customer to interact in some way with the company. Though they may be one of the oldest forms of advertising out there, brochures score high for interactivity, as the customer can take them, read them and digest them in their own time. This is not a poster they can walk by, a radio spot they can turn off or a pop-up ad they can quickly minimise. It’s an engaging, real object with which they can engage.
If you want to truly harness the power of brochure marketing checkout out of our previous blog posts: Beginning your brochure: 3 Key Tips on Presentation , then contact Print UK today. We are specialists in high quality brochure printing that will bring a professional, compelling sheen to your next campaign.