A brochure is a great way to introduce your company to potential clients, which makes it an excellent marketing tool. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand, products and services in an engaging way. However, if you don’t take the time to consider how your brochure will reflect those elements of your business, you could end up with something that doesn’t accurately represent what they do or who they are as a company. In this article, we’ll go over some tips for incorporating branding into your brochure design.

Use high-quality images

You may have a great logo and be using the right fonts, but what about the images you’re using?

If your brochure or flyer is going to be printed on any kind of paper, it’s important that you use high-quality images. This means keeping in mind things like size (if they’re too small, they will look pixelated), clarity, relevance to the content of your brochure/flyer and consistency with your brand.

Be consistent with your existing branding

As a brand, you want your brochure to look the same as your website, social media profiles and other marketing materials. This is because it helps people recognize who you are and what you stand for. So aim for unity and ensure your brochures align with existing marketing and branding materials.

Feature testimonials

Testimonials are extremely powerful because they’re from people who have actually used your product. The more specific the testimonial is, the better. For example, if you sell golf clubs and one of your customers says that his swing has improved by 25% since using them, it’s going to be more convincing than just saying, “I love these clubs”.

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Your brand should be the first thing that people see when they look at your brochure. Keeping consistent with the rest of your branding will ensure that they know who you are and what you do from page one. Taking a little time to research what colours work best for your company, choosing an appropriate font and keeping consistent with your logo can help make sure that your brochure is a successful piece of marketing material.

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