Maintaining a presence both online and offline is important for any business or organisation. Free social media platforms are a great place to implement marketing strategies, but this doesn’t mean that print content can’t be as equally cost-effective and successful. Combining these two channels in the following ways can result in highly accessible content for all audiences.

1. Utilise visual images within print

Good quality visuals are a key aspect of social media as online platforms allow for quick and easy sharing of such content. Images are highly effective in initially getting your audience’s attention as well as helping them to understand what any written copy might be saying. Our previous blog post with tips on how to make the most of printed images can help you decide what to include

2. Reference social media platforms

Any business can benefit from making reference to their social media platforms within their printed content. The nature of leaflets, flyers, and other print techniques alike means that only a certain amount of key information can be delivered to audiences through the medium. After using your printed materials to generate initial audience attention and highlight what’s most important, social media is a good point of reference for further information.

3. Maintain cohesive branding

Different mediums and channels have different medium-specific qualities. Social media can allow for conversational-based marketing and interaction with other users. Despite printed content not being a site for conversation in itself, it has the potential to incite engagement in different ways, such as asking questions and making thought-provoking statements. It’s important to maintain a cohesive message and tone across both online and printed platforms despite their differences. This will allow your content to remain recognisable and ensures the end goal is the same across your marketing efforts.

Whether it be leaflets, flyers, business cards, or something else, your printed content will operate most effectively when implemented alongside other online mediums and channels. Appearing across multiple channels ultimately increases engagement from your target audience and allows for more accessible communications.