The pop up shop has become a welcome addition to the high street. With so many small businesses struggling to get noticed, a physical presence and their very own shop can seem like a distant dream. Pop up shops are great for testing the water, introducing your products to new customers and trying out a location before committing to a huge financial investment and long contract. However, pop up shops do bring unique challenges, and our guide to commercial printing for pop ups should give you a few hints on how to make the most of your pop up shop.
Before you launch your pop up shop, you want as many people as possible to know about it. Online advertising and social media are great tools that should be utilised, but because you are in a physical location with people nearby, print media can be the perfect solution to generate local business. Leaflets are a great low cost way to spread the word about your new shop. We have a great range of affordable and professional leaflet printing options that are ideal for giving out in the street and posting through letterboxes. Make sure you include your opening times, how long you’ll be there and some of the products / services you’ll be offering, so people feel like this is a time limited opportunity they should take advantage of.
If your small business is suddenly on the high street next to huge multinational stores with expert teams and vast resources it can be intimidating. You want to look professional and trustworthy and a great alternative to other retailers. You want your name to be everywhere, and your branding to really stand out. One thing to consider is printed furniture, fabric display stands and accessories for your pop up shop. From cool, quirky printed bean bags to folding tables and deck chairs, our exhibition and fabric display range of printed furniture products are a great way to add your branding to the space.
Signage is so important in a physical shop, especially a pop up, as getting people’s attention is paramount. If you need a custom sign printed, take a look at our innovative sign printing services. Our PVC banners are a more temporary solution that might work well for your pop up shop too.
IUf you want to learn more about pop up shops and how they can benefit your business check out this great article by Shopify: Ultimate guide to pop up shops
We’re confident we can help you with all of your printing needs for your new pop up shop. Visit now and choose the best solutions for your pop up.