If you’re looking to get your business out there, leaflet printing is the way to do it. When done right, they get your message straight into the eye line of your audience, but get them wrong, and it’s bin fodder. Checkout this infographic just to prove how important promotional items are.
Here are some handy tips:
Be eye catching, but don’t go too far
Your leaflet will need to stand out if it’s going to avoid becoming recycling. A large headline can let the reader know what they’re holding straight away, and clear, interesting imagery also works for jumping off the page.
Don’t ramble
Keep wording clear and concise, the reader will be instantly put off by too many words. If you go over the top with your copy you risk diluting the key message, so define what you want to say and keep it simple.
Design matters
Load your leaflet with crazy colours and images, and you’re more likely to give someone a headache than any useful information on your business. Make it really minimal and it could look boring. There’s a good balance in designing your leaflet that can be found in spacing it properly, limiting your fonts and sticking to colour schemes. If you’re going to use images, make sure they’re relevant to what you want to say. Checkout some of our design agency leaflet print templates for inspiration.
Think shape
A standard leaflet might be all you need, but when thinking about your design, give some thought to how shape could make it stand out. As an example, a leaflet for a plumber might be made more interesting if it was the shape of a tap. The medium can be the message, and a bespoke design and some nice stock could put you head and shoulders above the rest.
Talk to them
This seems obvious, but using words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ is more personal and automatically makes the reader feel more engaged. They’re imaging their need for your business instead of another person’s.
Above everything else, remember that your leaflet needs to be persuasive without being invasive, and should be clear and professional. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a leaflet that will do your business proud.