When used correctly, well-designed flyers are a powerful and effective advertising tool, particularly if you have a local audience that needs your goods and services. To ensure your message is one which customers just can’t ignore, use these top seven tips to achieve the premium results you need when carrying out your flyer printing.
Target your audience
Delivering flyers in your local area, arranging to have a stack at relevant events and handing them out at your premises are all obvious ways of reaching an audience that is likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
Good content
Uninspired, poorly written and inaccurate content is going to get binned! If English isn’t your thing, use a professional and ensure thorough proofreading takes place before printing.
Call to action
If you want your audience to call, phone or log on, make it easy for them with graphic design that emphasises what they need to do.
Use folded leaflet printing in bright colours, creative shapes or with intriguing illustrations to bring plenty of visual appeal to your flyer.
Synchronise with other media
Give your customers all the information they need to find you online or get in touch by phone on your flyer. Remember that a flyer is only one strand of a marketing strategy, so ensure readers can easily access the other places where your goods and services are available.
Freebies are fantastic
Whether you offer a 20% discount on presentation of the flyer or organise a giveaway for customers who respond, freebies are a great way of improving customer engagement and providing a premium retail experience.
One of the real strengths of flyers is their immediacy. Giving them out at a trade show with details of a prize draw for any returned to your stand, for example, provides an immediate offer that is easy for customers to take advantage of (no logging on or opening an envelope, for example) and offers an instant chance of reward. What’s not to like?
Use these top tips to ensure that you produce premium flyers which are used in a way that maximises the results you want.
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