You might hear about the ‘digital era’ in which we live on a daily basis, and while today’s communication world is almost unrecognisable to that of 50 years ago, there are some things which have stood the test of time. Email marketing is now a readily used strategy in the business communication toolbox – but how much impact does it really have?
In this blog, we take a look at how letterhead printing can be an important element of a print marketing campaign which gets results:
Stand Out From The Crowd
Ever opened your email inbox to look for meaningful messages, only to find it flooded with what could only be described as ‘marketing spam’? This is the result of multiple brands battling for your attention, but in the end, they can end up cancelling each other out. That’s because we only have a limited amount of time, and will, to look through messages. Send a letter, and you are immediately bypassing the inbox scrum, and engaging the recipient. Add letterhead printing into the bargain, and you are not losing out on any branding power, either.
The personal touch
You might be amazed at how much more of an impact a carefully worded, personalised letter can have, in comparison to a mass produced email which is sent out in a ‘click and hope’ campaign. But while the contents and style of the letter can be personal, you can also ensure that the communication still carries the same weight in terms of branding, with a smart letterhead which can feature your logo.
All the info
The information stuffed into the bottom of an email, in the form of a signature or otherwise, can often be ignored. Letterhead printing allows you to display all the most important details about your business right at the top of the page, leaving little room for confusion. It could be your website address, postal address, social media accounts or telephone and fax numbers – the key thing is that they are prominent at the top of a physical document which is hard to ignore or delete!
So those are just some of the reasons why letterhead marketing is still relevant in 2019. Sometimes the little things can make all the difference! Want some more words of wisdom? Check out this Forbes article: Why Direct Mail Marketing is Far from Dead, on the enduring effectiveness of direct mail.
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