With a new year beginning, your mind should be on your marketing materials. You need to make sure that your online and offline presence is up to date, with the right information for 2019 included on all print and web advertising. Resolve to update your marketing, and get your business ready for the year ahead.
What Needs Updating?
Everything from your printed brochures, leaflets and folders to your social media pages should be given a 2019 overhaul. Lots of things can change in a year, so last year’s advertising might not produce the results you need. It is always refreshing for your employees and your customers to see fresh and updated corporate stationery. Have you introduced a new product or service in the past twelve months? Have your prices changed? These are all important points to consider.
Updating Your Printed Brochures & Leaflets
The most important thing to change is the date on your materials! Do your flyers say ‘new for 2018’? Do they include a special offer that has now expired? When you send advertising to clients, either as blanket mail drops or as personalised direct mailer, you are setting their expectations. Outdated or inaccurate information is a quick way to lose yourself a sale!
Brochure printing is a very important element of your marketing mix, it is essential that you take time to consider and plan for new 2019 brochures to keep your customers up to date with whats new and what they can expect in this new year.
You should also consider your brand’s image. Marketing is a fast-changing industry. Your leaflets might have been bang on trend in 2018, but twelve months later they could appear dated. Making the right first impression is critical, so cast a fresh eye over your designs and see whether they still work now.
Online Advertising Within Offline Advertising
Make use of your online presence in your printed leaflets. If you added a new social networking page in 2018, make sure it appears on your new advertising. This includes flyers and direct mail, and also any brochures and other sales materials. You could also point customers to your new web address, or showcase images of recent work you have done.
For more on refreshing your brand and marketing materials check out this fantastic article by Kayley Brooks for the Business Development Bank of Canada: 5 Steps To Spring Clean Your Brand and Refresh Your Marketing
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