When it comes to effective offline marketing and brand presentation, it’s easy to overlook the little things. Take envelopes, for example. They’re small, light, and you use them every day. They can’t have any value other than their practicality, surely?
Well, actually, they do! Custom envelope printing is a key tool in the arsenal of any business. It’s one many businesses don’t even recognise, let alone actually use.
Achieving Brand Cohesion
The importance of direct mail is a given, even in these technologically advanced times. But, while direct mail is important and effective, you need to make sure that you’re taking this opportunity to promote your brand as effectively as possible.
Custom printed envelopes do just that. Think of how many eyes will see the envelope; you want to show them a snapshot of your business. Tell them everything about you at a glance, and your business profile will grow.
Embrace Your Creativity
Custom envelope printing allows your creativity to flourish. You have countless designs available, thousands of colours to choose from, as well as font and layout choices to make. All of this allows you to create something truly unique. You want customers to be able to recognise your brand in an instant, and custom envelope printing has a considerable contribution to make to that.
Customers will ascribe certain characteristics to your business based on the interactions you have with them. If you send reams of dull white and brown envelopes, they won’t be excited by your business. Inject some colour and personality, however, and they will respond far more positively.
Ease and Affordability
Online printing has become so easy and affordable that you can do it in minutes. It’s something that has now been opened up to businesses of all sizes. You no longer need a specific printer in your town and you don’t need a hefty marketing budget. All you need is a little spare time and an internet connection.
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A specialist like PrintUK.com can print your professional quality envelopes in a variety of styles to suit your branding – get in contact today, and your business will benefit!