Colour is a powerful tool that has the potential to influence emotions, trigger subconscious memories and impact behaviours. Many businesses underestimate the effects that employing the use of the right colours can have on their customer base. In fact, employing colour in the correct way can actually boost your business and win you new customers.

So, how should your company use colour in the course of your business?

Why is colour such a powerful tool?

Biological and cultural conditioning mean that humans have evolved to be <a href=””>affected by colours</a> in various ways. Using different colours in your printed materials, such as brochures, newsletters, flyers and posters will generate a primal reaction in your consumers that can truly make them more receptive to what your company has to offer. Colour can describe your brand more effectively than words. You want to try and keep your brand colours uniform across all mediums, from social media to brochure printing.

The effect of colour on mood and behaviour

Different colours will influence people to feel and behave in a variety of ways. Cool colours can make consumers feel relaxed, which can result in them being more at ease when buying your products or services. Hotter colours can be used to invigorate and inspire and generate a sale or contract based on this adrenalin rush.

Calming colours

Blues, greens and purples are all very calming. They can inspire feelings of peace, friendliness and even opulence. When you use calming colours in your leaflets, brochures and flyers, these colours can put consumers at ease and inspire trust in your company. They are excellent for use as background colours and subconsciously target customers’ emotions to relax them, which makes them more receptive to your marketing programmes.

Invigorating colours

Reds, oranges and yellows are extremely invigorating and are associated with passion, enthusiasm and ambition. They work very well as headline colours in the graphic design of your printed advertising materials. They can effectively energise people to come and employ your services or purchase your goods.

Neutral colours

Colours such as blacks, whites and greys also have their place in graphic design. Black can incite a feeling of mystery, while white is often associated with innocence. Neutral colours are extremely effective when used symbolically within flyers and leaflets.

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