It’s a brave new world. According to research body ECO (, 15.3% of all UK employment is in the self-employed sector and despite the current economic gloom, pandemic start-ups have soared since March 2020.

Furlough and lockdown have made many consider their level of job security and satisfaction. Hobbies have turned into small businesses and long-forgotten skills have been resurrected to bring in extra income. Blue sky thinking has become a new way of life.

So how can print help these entrepreneurs?

Despite the online networking age and the plethora of digital platforms, nothing can compare to the personal touch. A old fashioned leaflet drop makes potential clients feel that they have been spoken to directly. The old adage that the customer doesn’t know what they need until you tell them stands firm. The tactile quality of print and appropriate graphics can sway feelings in a way a website can never hope to achieve.

What cottage industries need now is quality, affordable print as a vital part of their marketing arsenal. High specification graphics and templates can increase the levels of personalisation, adding to product appeal and leaving the client more time to get on with the business of running their company. If all this can be delivered to their place of business in super-fast time, so much the better.

Print power covers so many more bases than digital. Brochure printing, flyers, leaflets, banners and cards can reach a wider audience in ‘real time’ and in specific locations – the bread and butter of small local business. As a matter of fact, the notion of ‘small and local’ is in itself a potent marketing message and one that only print can fulfil.

How can PrintUK help?

Imagine the leaflet stuck on your fridge at home-there is bound to be one there! It is a permanent reminder of a business and is patiently waiting to be useful. No matter how immediate, at the endof the day, you can’t stick a web page on the fridge! Contact us at today to find out how we can help with all your printing needs.