Marketing your small building business may seem like a daunting task especially as there is heavy competition. However, getting the right foundations in place needn’t be as costly or difficult as you may think. We have created some of our top ideas for spreading the word about your business and the services you offer. 


Starting off with your branding is vital to ensure fluidity in your marketing materials and generating brand recognition. If people can’t recognise your branding and become familiar with you and your business, you will find it very difficult to stand out over your competition. Start with your logo, do your research and spin around ideas to try and create something unique and individual.

Branding on a Construction site: 

Whilst working on a project its important you tell people who you are and what you do. PVC banners are a great way to present your logo and contact details when you’re working on a project. Whether you hang them on scaffolding, or a fence,  passers-by are likely to take a look. Branded hoarding is another great way to raise brand awareness. Using fabric hoarding on the boundaries of your site not only makes the area look neater but gives off a very professional image about your business. 

Utilising social media: 

Its important to connect with your customers online as well as offline and using social media and digital marketing in conjunction with print marketing is a great way to achieve this. Everyone loves a good before and after photo so make sure you document your projects and create a blog for customers to follow and check in on. Showcasing your work is vital for generating new leads and engaging with your customers.

Direct Mail Marketing: 

Despite the rise in digital marketing, utilising direct mail marketing avenues is a fantastic way for small businesses to generate a buzz around their business and encourage customers to use their services. One of the major advantages of direct mail marketing is that it is highly targeted. You can choose the exact geographical area you want to target and send out leaflets, postcards and flyers detailing your products and services or a promotional offer code, this will generate a buzz around your business. Brochure printing is a great way to advertise your products and services and showcase your portfolio. For example, in the spring people are far more likely to focus their efforts on home improvements whether it be in their garden or in the home, sending out a spring deals mailer is a fantastic way to get new customers and build your customer base.

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