If you need to advertise your business effectively in your local area, poster printing represents one of your best options available . They can be put up nearly anywhere and can be seen by hundreds of people in a single day. However, in order to attract viewers’ attention, they need to be visually arresting. There are four key areas that you need to consider when designing a poster for print in order for it to be aesthetically striking: colour, composition, imagery and text.
1. Colour
Your poster’s colour scheme can drastically impact how noticeable it is to passers-by. It’s obviously advisable to avoid duller, darker colours which may blend into the background. Instead, you should opt for bright, vibrant colours that will catch viewers’ attention instantly. According to a blog piece on the Blur Group website: The Impact of Color in Advertising, Marketing, and Design, warm bright hues such as red, orange and yellow are the most “active, eye-catching colours.” They even have the power to “visually enlarge objects and make them seem closer”. Why not make your poster design seem larger and more prominent by deploying these colours?
2. Composition
It’s important that your poster can be interpreted at a glance. After all, viewers will quickly move on if the content of your poster isn’t readily apparent. It is therefore important to pay attention to your poster’s composition. You should keep visual clutter to a minimum, ensure that your chosen image is prominent and easy-to-see and place text in a position where it can be instantly read. You should also ensure that your printed poster’s composition is basically symmetrical, as this is more visually appealing to most consumers.
3. Imagery
Your image should convey your brand message in a snap. Don’t opt for a subtle image that viewers will need to interpret, remember you have very limited time to capture the attention of passerby’s, so with that in mind: choose something bold that they can instantly understood and which will grab their attention. We also suggest using something simple that can be seen from a distance, as this will help increase the range at which your printed poster can attract attention and thus improve the rate of engagement.
4. Text
Your text should explain your USPs or extol your brand message in clear, catchy terms. It’s important to make sure that the main piece of text on your poster design is brief enough to be read in a couple of seconds so that potential customers can read it as they walk past. If they like what they read, they’re likely to stop or come back for another look or take on board your product and visit your website.
Once you’ve got a design idea for your poster, you can choose one of our poster templates and easily design and edit your poster to a professional quality online.
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