The common train of thought is that traditional and digital marketing are in opposition to one another, but they are not mutually exclusive and shouldn’t be treated as such. The best business strategies employ both marketing channels simultaneously, playing to each of their unique strengths. This is known as cross-media marketing and it’s a difficult technique to accomplish successfully as both mediums should enhance one another’s efforts whilst being integrated and delivering a consistent brand message throughout.
It’s obvious that digital has risen massively over the last decade and far outstripped print but it doesn’t mean that print has been made obsolete. In our increasingly electronic, internet and social media focused world, there is a pattern forming whereby people are disconnecting from the electronic world ‘unplugging’ and due to the amount of time spent in front of a screen people are looking forward to the opportunity to disconnect and discover. There has definitely been a re-emergence of our appreciation for the tangible and this is where print is making its stand.
This can be seen in the development of new companies targeting the growing ‘unplugged’ niche market, as mentioned in the news: Brochure printing is back in style as shoppers look for a unique retail experience as highlighted by the advent of the The Secret Catalog company, print looks more effective than ever, connecting across generations and social media.
A sensory experience
Printing presents a sensory experience in a way digital can’t match. The look, feel and even smell of paper and print make for an instantly memorable experience associated with your brand. Good graphic design becomes critical, and you’ll appreciate how crucial it is that your campaigns translate seamlessly from print to digital. With websites going mobile first and being designed for ease of use, you can translate that elegance and simplicity into tactile print media.
Do you engage?
It’s an important question and one that can be tested through print marketing. Does your campaign engage without needing animations or the ability to swipe or hover? By choosing the right typography, images, paper and even print process (lithographic or digital printing), you’ll create that unique user experience in a tangible way. And if your brochure design and print can engage your core base of repeat customers, then you’ll drive profits as your loyal fans typically spend more on your products and services.
Get personal
Print is all about making a very personal connection with your customers. A tactile, physical printed brochure creates a moment, demanding that your customer be physically present when they interact, rather than browsing multiple windows. It’s part of a trend towards nostalgia for pre-internet days, embraced by the comeback of vinyl and the catalogue / brochure shopping experience. The Secret Catalogue shopping experience is so retro that customers must order from the printed catalogue, targeting a market that pushes against the current social norms.
Print and digital are not mutually exclusive
With print and digital, it’s not a binary choice. In fact, at we firmly believe that print and digital can integrate seamlessly each driving traffic towards the other medium, creating opportunities and filling the gaps of the customer journey. What’s important is that both are done with attention to detail and that there’s consistency across your digital and print campaigns both in visual appeal – colours, fonts, logos, user experience and brand message. Customers should get the same ‘wow’ factor from your brochure print marketing as they do when they use your website.
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It is vital that a company does not rely solely on either digital or print marketing to promote its business, without the use of both they’ll be limiting their success. Simple things such as a company brochure, printed desk pads and branded pens coupled with digital targeted advertising will enhance your brand awareness and keep your business at the forefront of the minds of your potential and current customers.
At we can help you make the right design and printing decisions, so contact us today to find out how we can make print work for you.