In a digital age, you need to focus your marketing efforts online, right? Not exactly. In fact, according to the DMA, direct mail boasts conversion rates as high as 4.4%, which may not sound much until you compare that with rates of just 0.12% for email. Contrary to the myths around ‘snail mail’, it has a higher perceived value and retention rate because of its physicality. So how can you harness the benefits of direct mail to connect to your customers?
1. Delight and Surprise
First use data segmentation to get the right message to the right customers, then use direct mail to delight and surprise. When you need to slice through a crowded inbox to reach your recipient directly, the combination of well-executed graphic design and high-quality printing gives you the edge.
Add a promotional item or a product sample and you add an element of intrigue and surprise that immediately captures the attention. Or boost the advantage that direct mail brings with interesting textures and folds that create a fun multi-sensory experience.
2. Use Clarity
Keep your messaging and offer crystal clear. A brochure that can be easily misunderstood is worthless, whereas a brochure that is bold, well designed and easy to read is a pleasure to receive and read. Use bullet points, bold emphasis and clear language to produce a direct mailer that really grabs the attention.
A piece of direct mail that combines a beautifully designed, high quality brochure with premium stationery printing and clarity of tone and message won’t end up in the waste bin. In fact, it has 60% chance of making a lasting impression on your client.
3. Be Chesive
Are your marketing efforts integrated across your digital and direct mail channels? Taking time to get this right means that your customers can flow with ease from your direct mail to a website or landing page. It’s worth maximising your return on investment with personalised URLs and landing pages that let you directly track customer engagement. The more seamless the integration, the stronger your response rates.
For more on why direct mail is far from dead, check out this excellent article in Forbes Magazine written by Steven Pulcinella.
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