Business cards are one of the most effective ways to promote your business in a social setting and acquire useful contacts. Naturally, we at offer top-quality business card printing, so you can take advantage of the power of these convenient printed promotional tools. However, there are certain settings (such as networking events and meetings) where people are given large numbers of business cards. How can you make sure yours stands out? There are several graphic design techniques you can use to ensure your business card doesn’t get lost among those of your colleagues or competitors.
1. Experiment with eye-catching colour schemes
Most business card designs have a white background. If you want yours to stand out, why not try choosing a striking colour scheme for its background? If you own or represent a business, we recommend using your business’s brand colours. If you are an independent professional, experiment with different hues until you find one that reflects your personal brand. Different colours evoke different emotions and moods, as the website ‘Colour Affects’ explains in the article: Psychological Properties Of Colours. If you know the psychological properties of different hues, you can easily pick an appropriate one for your business cards.
2. Include an image or logo
Many business cards only contain textual information. As a result, including an image or logo can help your cards seem more eye-catching and visually engaging than the cards distributed by your competitors. We recommend choosing a simple and stylish image that reflects your profession or using your business’s logo. Try using images or graphics that start conversation and connection within networking meetings. Show off by creating a portfolio of your people or the products you’ve built, designed etc…
3. Be unique in your approach
Think how you can be more tailored with your business card approach. Consider producing smaller business card print runs and customise the cards to specific events, campaigns or markets. Perhaps for a business trade show, use customised cards that convey a special offer just for that specific event i.e. a special download or code. Remember to not try and include too much information on your cards, otherwise it can look overly cluttered so think how you can use the space on both the front and reverse of the card.
4. Add a slogan or tag-line
Adverts frequently use memorable taglines or slogans that stick in viewers’ heads. This makes it easier for viewers to remember the advert and, therefore, the product or business it was promoting. Business cards are a form of advertisement that you use to promote yourself or your enterprise, so why not add a slogan, tagline or message to them? If you can come up with a funny or memorable phrase to put on your business cards, recipients are more likely to remember your cards than those of your competitors.
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