Print marketing is a strategy that has been employed by large and small businesses alike to promote products and services for many years. Recently, marketers have been focusing more and more on delivering an exceptional customer experience and this has created an opportunity for print marketing to adapt and excel. Here is how it can boost customer experience for your business.

Telling your brand story

Your brand story is what sets you apart from your competitors and builds trust and loyalty with customers. It’s also a great way to improve customer experience.

When using printing materials, you have a perfect opportunity to reinforce the key messages within your brand story. For example, including a testimonial within a leaflet design demonstrates how your brand has already helped others.

Combining print and digital

It is easier than ever to tie print materials in with your digital marketing strategy. Scannable QR codes are a great way for your customers to seamlessly travel from print to online channels, enabling them to make fully informed purchasing decisions.

Using texture

High-quality brochure printing is still one of the most memorable forms of advertising and that’s because you can touch it. The texture of the print materials you put out has a big impact on the impression a customer has of your brand. Thicker pages can invoke a premium feel, or you can play around with more artsy textures or go glossy. The good news is that you can customise the texture of your print materials to match your brand and deliver the image you want.

Being creative

There are endless ways you can use innovative direct mail to inspire your customers, whether your goal is to acquire new customers or to retain loyal ones. Simply build a campaign to suit your business goals and ensure it matches where the customer is on their journey.

Inspiring loyalty

Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty. It makes them feel valued and keeps them coming back for more. Print materials are a great tool when it comes to implementing loyalty schemes. Something as simple as a loyalty card that you stamp each time a customer buys from you can have a big impact.

Here at, our high-quality print marketing resources, such as flyers and brochures, are perfect for helping you to create an exceptional customer experience.