If you’re considering different forms of advertising for your business, promotional pens are definitely worth considering. Not only are they cheap to buy in bulk but they also offer an impressive ROI amongst other benefits, including:

Walking advertisements 

Radio, TV and direct mail ads are very effective forms of advertisement, but in order for them to be successful, they need to be seen or heard by customers at exactly the right time. A radio ad, for example, might be playing while someone is driving in their car, but as soon as the radio is switched off, there’s a chance that the driver might forget about it immediately. With promotional custom pens, you can add information such as your company’s name, phone number and address to the design, which potential customers will be reminded of every time they use it. 


When considering advertising options, all businesses must consider their return on investment (ROI). Promotional products like pens are not only significantly cheaper to purchase in bulk than media advertising, for example, but they also offer great value in terms of cost per impression (CPI). CPI is the total amount of money spent on an advertising campaign divided by the number of times the advertisement is seen by potential customers. The cost of promotional pens is extremely low compared to the large number of impressions they make, giving them an excellent return on investment (ROI). 


Not only are promotional pens great value, but they’re also much more likely to be held onto and used regularly by potential customers than other forms of advertising because they offer a useful purpose. An advertisement in a newspaper or leaflet is likely to be tossed away after being read, but a functional promotional product, like a pen, will have more exposure as it will be kept and used for a long time, making it more likely that your marketing efforts will be noticed.

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