When it comes to connecting with customers, existing or potential, direct mail is undoubtedly a great way to do so. Direct mail gets right into the homes of those you’re reaching out to and ensures you’ll get noticed. There are many types of direct mail to consider, so which one is best for you?
1. Postcards
Postcards are a great way to get in touch with existing customers. They stand out and provide enough space for a quick hello and some information. The informal feel of a postcard builds a friendly connection between you and your customers, and they’re a quick and simple way to make a big impression. High quality postcard printing can ultimately generate good response rates and ROI for a relatively low cost.
2. Flyers
Sending a flyer is a great way to promote an event or offer. You should aim to make your flyer stand out by using clear fonts, bright colours and clear images. Provide just enough information, without overcrowding your design with words. This way people are more likely to take in the important points, without being overwhelmed by too much text. Flyer printing is very cost effective especially in larger orders. This gives you the ability to target your current customers and potential new clients easily and effectively.
3. Leaflets
If you need to advertise and provide more information while you do it, then leaflets are perfect. They work really well as direct mail, as they offer clear layouts, useful information and plenty of images. Leaflet drops are a favourite in direct mail marketing and can be used to target potential customers in your ideal demographic, with maximum effect.
4. Brochures
If you’d like to reach out to existing customers with plenty of information on your new products, then consider brochures. Brochures allow you to provide in-depth insight into products, specifications and prices. Brochures should always be printed to a high quality, to make a professional impression be sure to think about the finish of the brochure whether a gloss or matt finish is more appropriate for the type of business you are. Brochures work really well as a showcase of products and can encourage existing customers to buy from you again.
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