Forming a start up and turning a new found idea into a tangible reality can be an incredibly exciting time for anyone. At the same time, there are so many things to do and so many things to learn, that the tasks can, at times, seem almost insurmountable. But you may be surprised by the effect that designing and spreading your logo can have on any new business. With a logo, all of a sudden your brand starts to become a reality, and you have something to promote and build. That’s why it’s important you get the logo right, so here are some tips on the perfect start up logo.
1. Who is your target audience
Depending on who your specific target customer is, tastes will vary greatly in terms of colours and style so be sure to research this well beforehand. Don’t be afraid to speak individuals that match the profile of your target market and get critical feedback on a number of different options.
2. Thinks with the times
Forming a start up is a cool and modern thing to do, and your logo should reflect that newfound energy with a modern twist. Look at Uber for example, whose logo is simple but in many ways futuristic, and demonstrates that they are a modern tech company. Your logo should be prominent on all your marketing materials from business cards and brochure printing to your website.
3. Be unique
The worst thing any logo can be, especially for a brand new business looking to make its mark, is a copy of an existing famous brand. It highlights a massive lack of creativity and individuality, which is the last message you want to get across at such an early stage in your company’s life.
4. Know what your company stands for
This is perhaps the most integral part of designing any good start up logo, and means deciding on your company mission statement and vision statement before you start making design choices. This is because your logo will need to quickly demonstrate that vision and get across what you stand for. For example, Virgin have, from the beginning, represented something forward thinking, creative and bold, and their strikingly simple powerful red logo gets that message across immediately.
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