If your business has a physical location, whether that’s an office you greet customers at, a studio or a shop, you should be utilising print marketing as an effective tool to help boost your business. Print marketing can help you to increase the brand awareness of your company, target customers you feel your product or service could be of interest to and ultimately help to boost your sales. Below we’ve highlighted the many ways print marketing i.e. folded leaflet printing and flyering can help you boost your business.
Engage your senses
One of the major reasons print marketing is so effective is the way it engages with several of our senses at once, unlike digital marketing which is experienced only through sight or sound. Print marketing not only engages your customers’ sight as they read your message, but it also engages their sense of touch as they pick up and hold your flyer, folded leaflet, or printed poster. You can add extra dimensions to the sense of touch by using different textures on your marketing, and using certain print techniques can also engage with your customers’ sense of smell.
More personality
By designing and sending print marketing such as A4 folded leaflet printing or flyers to your target audience, you’ll be reminding people there are humans behind your business, and not just a robotic screen. This way of communicating with people can increase the personal touch of your marketing and help to build a stronger relationship with your customers.
Strengthens your brand
By seeing your logo and brand message across both online and offline channels, you will be increasing your brand awareness among your target audience. Using signage, leaflets, business cards and direct mail marketing to promote your brand will ultimately increase your recognition, which in time will help to boost your business.
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