Printed leaflets and flyers have always been a popular way to market a business, event or product. Even with the increase in success in online marketing, it seems physical printed information is still favourable amongst many businesses as it typically shows a cheaper customer conversion in comparison to digital marketing.
We’d like to focus on three ways you can ensure your leaflet printing and marketing falls into the right hands:
1. Door to door
A leaflet printing drop in your local area is a fantastic way to make sure people see your leaflets. Everyone loves to receive post and using direct mail and distributing your leaflets this way almost guarantees it’ll be in your potential customers hands in no time. Direct mail and flyering your information directly into people’s homes is probably the most effective way to get noticed. This is also a highly targeted marketing campaign as the leaflets are only distributed in the areas that you’re wanting to cover.
2. Popular locations
Where you deem appropriate to display your printed leaflets will likely depend on the audience base you’re trying to target, so you may need to take some time to figure our where exactly will be best. As an example, many supermarkets have leaflet stands by the entrance and will see hundreds of people passing through, seven days a week. Pubs, hotels and tourist information centres will have similar stands as well. Or, how about a place where people may specifically be looking for something to read? A doctor’s waiting room, perhaps, or even at the hairdressers’. The other element to take into consideration is demographics, if you want to put your leaflet through the letterbox of wealthy areas or town/country all depends on your products and services.
3. Hand to hand
Another way to ensure that those all important leaflets find their way into the hands of potential customers, is to simply give them out! Town and city centres are a hub for many different people at all times of the day. You can also look for local events, such as fetes, concerts or conferences where it may be appropriate for you to pass leaflets onto your target audience base.
Whichever way you choose to distribute your leaflets and flyers some things are certain: they must be eye catching, informative and designed with your customers in mind. Check out one of our previous articles: Popular Leaflet Designs And Why They Work for great leaflet design tips that work every time.
Once you’ve got a design idea for your leaflet, why not use to easily design and edit your leaflet to that all important professional standard? We offer a wide range of designs, as well as high quality commercial printing options for that perfect final touch. Get in touch today to see how we can help.