No matter what industry you work in, standing out in the right way is always a good thing. It’s a fantastic feeling to be found because of recommendation or word-of-mouth, but graphic design can also play a massive part in what turns potential customers’ heads, whether you’re handing them one of your business cards, leaflets or encouraging them to visit your website. We say not to judge a book by its cover – but most of us do! So how do you grab people’s attention and get your brand out there? It’s all about your creative design savvy.
Vibrant colours
Utilise the on-trend colours of the season – from jungle greens to rose golds – and make colour something your business stands out for. Try not to fall for using primary colours or stark black and white when you can create leaflets or business cards that completely match your branding and show how in the loop you are.
Stand-out fonts
Ever seen appealing marketing messaging written in Comic Sans? We didn’t think so. Fonts are just as important as the colour of your design work. An appropriate font for your leaflet printing and design gives another way to establish your style and feel; whether you’re contemporary cursive, bold block letter or simple sans, fonts are fantastic for showing off who you are and what you do without even reading the text!
Unique layouts
Nothing’s more eye-catching than a unique design or attractive style. Think out of the box when it comes to your design work, whether that’s working with a fluid shape, a smart logo or a diagonal block of text. There are hundreds of ways to establish your business in a particular style, whether it’s sombre centring or exciting arrangements.
Impactful logos
We’ve talked about logos at depth previously on our blog which should help you with your logo design, but whether your business is a start-up or you’re going through a rebranding period, a stunning logo that fits your business and is memorable to your customers is a must.
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