We live in a world of technology and whoever or wherever you are, you can guarantee that marketing is flying at you from all angles; be it filling your email inbox or popping up on websites. So, with the internet full of competitors, how can you be sure that your marketing is not only reaching those potential customers, but being seen and read too?
Direct Mail takes your marketing offline and back into the real world. Statistics indicate that around 92% of direct mail is opened which is huge, especially when compared to the average 18-24% open rate of emails. Below are three amazing reasons why Direct Mail is so effective.
1. Straight to the Point
When post falls through the letter box you can almost guarantee it’s going to be picked up by someone in that household on the very same day. There you have it; your marketing straight into their very hands and impossible to miss. Make sure that whatever you’ve sent is eye catching and entices their interest. When sending a folded leaflet for example, ensure that it is of high quality and looks professional.
2. Easy to Track
Problems occur in marketing when a business fails to track the response from a certain piece of media. With direct mail it’s easy. Make sure that whatever you’ve sent out has a clear call to action and offers a unique service or discount only advertised on that flyer/leaflet. You’ll easily be able to see how many sales you make off the back of it and therefore track your ROI (Return on Investment) efficiently.
3. Increased Trust
Many people are wary of the internet and cautious of scams run through websites and emails. A professional piece of direct mail is a lot more familiar to people, and recognised as something legitimate. Make sure your design uses your brand’s logos, colours and fonts to enhance recognition and cement that trust even further.
If you’d like to start a direct mail campaign and would like help with your folded leaflet printing and design get in touch with PrintUK.com today, to see how we can help.
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