When you think of postcards, you may automatically think of holiday greetings. Sending postcards home to loved ones is a holiday tradition! In recent years, using printed postcards for marketing has become increasingly popular. As a simple, affordable and effective marketing tool, here are five more reasons to use postcards for your business.
1. Postcards land straight in their hands
Despite the digital age, direct mail marketing continues to be effective. Where emails or online ads can get lost amongst a sea of competition, printed postcards stand out from the crowd. They’ll land straight into your customer’s home and therefore will be noticed and picked up quicker than many online methods.
2. Space for an eye-catching design
The front of the postcard is specifically for your design and branding. You can include an image, words or both. Whatever you choose, make sure the postcard design uses your company colours and logos. Many people will take great interest in receiving a postcard, so make sure your design catches their attention.
3. Clear and concise message delivery
Postcards aren’t very big, meaning you must get your message across clearly and quickly. The benefit of a short, sharp message is that it doesn’t take long to read or understand, meaning people are more likely to see what you’ve got to say. Too much writing can put people off.
4. Drives business your way
Whatever the message, ensure that your postcard print includes a strong call to action. You must give your customers a reason to get in touch. Include your contact details and web address on the postcard so that you can drive customers your way through a variety of means.
5. Produces results
If you get it right, your postcard printing could produce fast, efficient results. The low cost of producing postcards means that you have the opportunity to make a large return on investment.
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Ensure that your postcards are of a high quality, as they will represent levels of professionalism for your business. If you’re looking for high-quality postcard printing and the ability to design online for ease and efficiency, then contact PrintUK.com today. As a leading online and offline print company, we aim to provide a quality service for your business needs. For more information, contact us today.