You may read the title of this blog post and disagree with it, it’s a bold statement but one which reigns very true, believe it or not the business card is not dead. You may think the business card is an outdated business tool that has been replaced by digital counter parts such as the smart phone and tablet, but this is simply not the case. Its an incredibly useful tool for connection with customers, clients, colleagues, prospects along with promoting your brand.

Technology & Business Cards:

Technological advances have been very beneficial for business cards from production to design. Technology has allowed us to get more creative and express creativity in a small card but allowing big impact to be created. With a variety of colours, finishes, sizes and shapes your card is more likely to be shared and as a result increase brand awareness and growing your client base.


Business cards enhance the legitimacy of the services and products you offer and build a positive image around your business. Being a physical item and exchanging it with someone else is a great way to develop human connections. Handing over a business card is a great catalyst for conversation about you, your business and so on, ultimately you are far more likely to create a new, meaningful relationships when handing over a business card than exchanging information over digital channels.

Brand Awareness:

When building a business or trying to grow a business its vital your brand identity is clear and recognisable. Its important to do this as it helps prospects and customers remember and recognise you when they see your marketing materials and are more likely to use your products or services. Through impactful design of your business cards you can bring awareness to your business and stand out over your competitors.

In an excellent article by Henry Fan he sums up the importance of business cards well “You never know, your business card can be the key element you need to take your brand further”. For further insights into the importance of business cards check out the full article: Purpose of Business Cards: 7 Reasons the Business Card Will Never Die

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