With so many different options available to small business owners, using great graphic design templates is a brilliant way to ensure your printed marketing materials are the very best for your business.
Why use a template?
As a small business owner you’re going to be used to juggling a lot of different jobs at one time. We’ve all got different skills, and your skills will be best suited to your business. If you’ve not got a graphic designer yet and it’s not one of your strongest skills then using a print design template is a great way to save time and make sure your business printing is up to scratch.
What are you looking for?
Once you’ve decided which type of printed material you’re going to use, we’ve got a great range of design templates, designed by our team of graphic design experts. First, define the purpose of your new media: is it to make a huge impact? Is it for new customers or existing ones? Is it for selling to other businesses or direct to consumers. Thinking about these things first means you’ll have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for.
Does it fit with your branding?
An essential part of your business toolkit is your brand guidelines. Make sure your flyers, leaflets and posters fit in with your current branding. Look at a few different templates that are already designed for your type of business; for example, if you have a nursery, take a look at nursery templates. If you have a restaurant, look for a design template that captures the feel of your place, whether it’s high end and luxurious or quirky.
If you have a set of colours you always use, make sure they’re incorporated into your final leaflet design. If there is a texture or material that people associate with your brand, then look for a leaflet template that features that. We even have a style function in our handy template search option.
Spending the time to choose the perfect leaflet design template for your business is totally worthwhile. It can also save you time in the long run, as our templates are available in a whole range of formats, and once you’ve chosen you can order a whole range of coordinating printed marketing materials. Get in touch or browse the PrintUK.com website for more information on leaflet printing and commercial printing.