How will you balance out your marketing mix in 2019? Digital activities can sure be effective if used wisely, but in some cases, they still need to be aligned carefully with direct marketing if they are to gain true traction.
Take USB sticks, for example. They might have grown in popularity as a piece of marketing collateral, but is their effectiveness really representative of their relatively high cost? How many get thrown away, or have their brand messaging completely ignored? Brochure printing, on the other hand, is a traditional form of marketing which has stood the test of time. In this blog, we look at some reasons why:
Big and Bulky – so what?
In the digital era, there is a tendency towards devices which are small and nimble, but in some cases, being big can actually be more beneficial. In the case of brochures, their physical presence can be crucial. Brochures are hard to miss, and can often catch the eye for your customers and potential customers who are looking for a reference point when considering your kind of product or service. Just take car buyers, for instance. According to research some 50 per cent look to printed materials when searching for a vehicle.
Touchy Feely
A physical object which we can feel and hold in our hands still potentially has an advantage over a digital file or document. That’s because it offers another level of interaction and engagement which can simply not be achieved by something on a screen. Design your brochure to showcase your product or service effectively, and you can produce a marketing tool which offers a genuine touchpoint to your audience.
Standing The Test of time
Ever pondered why coffee table-style printed materials get read a lot more than other types of books and documents? It is because they are conveniently left in a place to be read, rather than being expelled to a bookshelf or in a drawer. Brochures certainly tick this box, with a shape which makes them perfect to be placed on coffee tables and in waiting areas. This serves the purpose of spreading your brand messaging, and advertising your products or service far and wide.
Check out this great article on Auto Remarketing: Study: Brochures Remain Valuable To Car Shoppers, More Than Social Media
So whatever size of business you are, brochure printing offers value which is hard to ignore, even in the digital era. Are you ready to take your brochure printing to the next level? Call the experts at today on 0845 2993 923